The construction and materials of bank vaults make vault removal an involved project. Experienced professionals can dismantle and remove just the vault door or the entire vault, depending on the property owner’s wishes. Explore the top reasons why bank vault removal requires special equipment and how professionals prevent damage to the surrounding structure.

Heavy Materials

Bank vaults provide unparalleled protection against burglaries, fires, and natural disasters. Their durability lies in the vault’s construction with highly advanced engineering techniques and materials, including thick layers of steel-reinforced concrete.

Standard lifting and moving equipment is insufficient for managing bank vaults. Professional bank vault movers use specialized machinery to handle the extreme weight and securely remove the vault. Using the right equipment also ensures the safety of workers involved in the removal process.

Infrastructure Protection

Whether the bank vault is part of the building’s framework or it’s a prefabricated room, the removal process requires specialized equipment to prevent damaging the building’s infrastructure. Improper handling during bank vault removal can lead to severe structural damage, including foundational instability and compromising load-bearing walls. Such damage endangers the immediate safety of the building and necessitates costly and extensive repairs.

With the right equipment for breaking up and removing hardened concrete or steel panels, technicians maintain control and keep the area safe. These precautions allow property owners to repurpose their newly claimed square footage after the bank vault removal.

Environmental and Safety Concerns

Removing a bank vault can involve encountering hazardous materials or situations where the structural integrity of the building needs support. The vault removal team will use machinery with features that allow for the safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Additionally, this equipment can perform under various conditions while protecting the well-being of workers and the public. The emphasis on safety highlights the responsible practices that workers use during the vault removal process.

Each facet of vault removal underscores the necessity for specialized machinery. Vault movers leverage their experience and equipment to navigate the complexities of vault removal and avoid unnecessary delays and potential damage. Trust Boswell Safe & Vault Company to disassemble your bank vault and remove all pieces from your property.