Whether you need to relocate a residential safe, install a bank vault, or secure a floor safe, Boswell Safe and Vault has you covered. Our dedicated staff is here to handle your security needs with the utmost care, professionalism, and reliability.

Safe Moving Services

Moving a safe is no small feat. Safes are designed to be heavy and cumbersome to prevent unauthorized relocation. However, our expert team specializes in safe moving services in Orange County, so we can securely move your safe to its new location.

We utilize advanced equipment and techniques to handle safes of all sizes, from small home safes to large commercial units. Our expertise prevents damage to the safe and property during relocation. Call us to handle your safe with precision and efficiency.

Bank Vault Demolition

It’s challenging to demolish a bank vault because of its robust construction materials, such as reinforced steel and concrete, that are designed to withstand extreme forces. Despite the difficulty, successful vault demolition can offer increased space for modern, efficient security installations and the opportunity to redesign the area for other uses. Professional demolition teams utilize advanced techniques and tools, such as diamond wire saws, to carefully cut through reinforced steel and concrete without damaging the surrounding building. Our expertise ensures a safe, efficient, and minimally disruptive demolition process.

Bank Vault Installation

Installing a bank vault requires attentive work to properly anchor the vault and ensure it can withstand any security threats. We integrate bank vaults seamlessly into the building’s architecture. Our bank vault installation services in Orange County maximize secure storage in homes, businesses, and institutions.

Choosing us for your bank vault installation guarantees that you entrust this critical job to experienced professionals. Our team has the technical knowledge and specialized equipment to manage the complexities of vault installation. Additionally, we prioritize your security and satisfaction, ensuring that we install the vault to the highest standards of safety and functionality.

Floor Safe Installation

Floor safes provide an additional layer of security by being discreet and hard to access. Our team is adept at integrating floor safes into various types of flooring, ensuring that the safes are both secure and inconspicuous. Whether you need our help for a home or business, we install floor safes in Orange County that will stand the test of time and potential threats.

The installation process involves cutting into the floor, correctly positioning the safe, and camouflaging the installation to maintain both security and aesthetics. Our team has the skills and tools to perform the installation without compromising your property’s structural integrity. By opting for expert services, you reduce the risk of improper installation, which could potentially lead to security breaches and costly repairs.

Hire Boswell Safe and Vault

Choosing us means partnering with a company that’s committed to excellence. Our team is not only highly trained but also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We understand that security is paramount and that each client has unique needs, and we’re committed to meeting your requirements. Contact us today for a consultation.