Locked out of your safe?

Whether you have forgotten the combination, have a malfunctioning lock, or can’t get in because of wear and tear, our safe opening service will help. Lockouts restrict access to important documents or valuables and can cause stress and anxiety. In business settings, they can halt day-to-day operations. Whatever your predicament, give us a call for safe unlocking services.

If you have a damaged safe, we can restore it. Our safe repair services address issues such as jammed doors and deteriorating lock mechanisms. These services not only prolong the lifespan of your safe but also maintain its reliability and security.

Boswell Safe & Vault is proud to offer safe opening and servicing to all of our customers! Boswell Safe & Vault invests heavily in the latest hardware and training in safe cracking and servicing. We are up-to-date with current lock technology and offer a variety of services listed below:

Safe Opening

Services include:

  • Safe cracking
  • Safe lockout repair
  • Safe manipulation (using touch to open mechanical/dial locks)

Safe Servicing

Services include:

  • Safe repair
  • Door adjustment and realignment

Safe Upgrades

Services include:

  • Electronic lock retrofit (Boswell Safe & Vault will determine the specific electronic lock required for your safe, install it, and demonstrate how to change the combination)

It’s essential to hire experienced professionals for safe opening services. Inexperienced safe opening services can inadvertently cause more harm than good by making the safe more vulnerable to security breaches or necessitating a complete replacement. Furthermore, inexperienced technicians might damage the safe’s contents. Contact us for safe lockout services that will allow you to regain access to your valuables.

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