One of the largest safes every produced with a TRTL-30X6 label. Primarily designed to protect cash, jewels, or other high cost valuables. This safe was designed to resist sophisticated burglary attacks utilizing torches, abrasive cutting and coring attacks as well as tools such as impact hammers, drills, wedges, etc. Maximum protection on all six sides enables owners of this line of safes to obtain millions of dollars worth of insurance coverage. This safe is sold primarily to diamond merchants, fine jewelers and watchmakers, precious metals dealers and refiners, check cashers, armed couriers as well as to the financial industry. We also install these safes in a number of residences where clients have collections of extraordinary value.

Due to the weight of this safe, shipping is not available, local delivery to California, AZ or southern NV only.

  • Outer Dimensions: 83 x 51 x 44
  • Inner dims: 72 “(H) x 39 “(W) x 25 “(D)
  • Weight 8000lbs approx
  • Security Rating: UL TRTL-30
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hour rated
  • Lock: Dual Lagard Group 1 Dial locks, S&G Timelock

The safes bolt-work and lock has been gone through by a professional safe technician to ensure years of continued service.

Item 32A