What Does Boswell Need to Know in Order to Provide Quote?

Where is the safe located currently and where is it being moved to? How heavy is the safe? If you are not sure of the weight, you can provide us with the manufacturer and the model number. Are there any obstacles that we will encounter? (Obstacles would include dirt pathways, uneven pavements, grass crossing, stairs [...]

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What Can I Expect to Pay To Move a Safe or Vault Door?

Each safe-relocation is different; rarely are any two moves alike. Each re-location will require a specific formula of equipment, manpower, and time. Due to this, we will need to know a few things about your safe and your move before we can provide you with an accurate quote. Please see the questions below and give us a call [...]

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What Kind of Equipment Does Boswell Use?

Safe moving requires specialized vehicles, equipment and personnel. Our equipment includes our 1,500 pound capacity Ultralift electrical stair climbing  machine, 8000 pound capacity hydraulic safe jacks, aluminum plating, electric winches, door protectors, hydraulically lifted trailers with a 10,000 pound capacity, multiple forklifts able to move safes or vault doors that weigh up to 10,000 pounds, and specialized hand tools.

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Where Can Boswell Move Your Safe?

We can generally move safes into a second-story location up to 1000 lbs.  Please refer to our Multi-Story Safe Moving page.  Additionally, we can install your safe in your garage as well as first-story locations over all types of flooring. We can move your safe over marble, granite, carpet, tile, and real-wood floors. We are very conscientious about maintaining [...]

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What Can Boswell Move?

We move Gun Safes, Home Safes, Jewelry Safes, Media Chests, Fire Proof File Cabinets, Burglary Safes, Vault Doors or any type of safe under 8000 pounds. Relocating gun safes requires expert knowledge and equipment. Boswell Safe and Vault are the experts in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and LA Counties.

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